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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Been feeling ill lately

Sorry guys, I haven't been feeling so good lately. I'll post something soon don't worry

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Team Fortress 2 Guide #1: Basic Crafting/Drop System


Hello everyone! Welcome to my first entry for my guide to Team Fortress 2 (TF2). Today I will be touching on the subject of the game's in game crafting system. It is a huge part in the TF2 hat business considering it's the only way to craft hats and weapons of your own! The hats do not affect your class in any way except for the looks of the class. The weapons however, give extra bonuses and different attributes to your class.

Well, all tf2 weapons are crafted by metals. So there is no other way of crafting weapons except for combining other weapons to craft 1 weapon. Metals have 3 different tiers, scrap metal, reclaimed metal, and refined metal (Scrap being the lowest and refined being the highest). Scrap metal can be crafted by crafting 2 weapons together. You must be wondering though, where the heck am I going to get 2 weapons?! Well, tf2 has a system of random weapon/hat drops, I will speak more of this subject later. So once you have one scrap you need class token. A class token can be crafted by crafting 3 class items together.
My first hat :)
The current drop system drops weapons/hats randomly. The way it works is that everything drops randomly (hats, weapons). Everyone invests a certain amount of time that they play and they randomly find items that have dropped. To prevent idling the system only drops at a certain amount of playtime. So if you had played for 1 weeks straight, you would go over your weapon drop playtime and would not find items until the cap limit resets. The cap limit resets every Wednesdays at 5pm pacific standard time.

 I know I have not talked about many things but I tried my best to give an accurate presentation of the TF2 item drop system and such. For my first real entry I hope I can get some feedback on how to improve on my blogging skills, and I hope I have helped you in some way if you play TF2. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on my next entry.

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